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Down The Block

To travel somewhere new you don’t have to go far. Sometimes it just involves turning down a street you haven’t been down before. Going left instead of right can often lead you to a more interesting place. Take the road less travelled next time, avoid the highway or the major streets and see what interesting finds there are. These posts are finds that are within a day’s drive (there and back with time to play in-between) from my house.

Across The Continent

North America offers amazing opportunities to explore new places, meet different people and experience incredible foods. The sheer size and scope of the continent guarantees that there will be something new and different around every corner. The diversity of the people living here also ensures that the foods, customs and celebrations you can experience are international in scope without having to leave the country.

Across the Pond

Travelling overseas offers unique and interesting experiences. Foreign languages and customs combined with new culinary experiences can be a little overwhelming if you aren’t prepared for them. If you do your research before you go and leave yourself open to new experiences, you can help make these travels exciting and enjoyable.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

There isn’t one form of transportation that works in every situation. Different modes of transportation offer both pros and cons for getting around and with a little research you can pick the way that works best for you.

Don’t be afraid to try something new or to ask for advice. Local residents are always willing to offer suggestions and help in making decisions.

This section will look at different ways of getting around and will offer up some of those pros and cons. Hopefully I can share some of my learnings and help you make the decision that is best for you.

Where to Eat

Food may be a necessity of life but it should be enjoyed to its fullest. From roadside stands to Four Star Michelin restaurants there is always something for everyone and some of the best meals are found in unexpected places.

My offerings are suggestions and based on my experiences.

Keys to successful dining?

  • Ask locals for where they would eat – not the international chain but the mom and pop down the street
  • Be open to trying new things
  • Order outside your comfort zone
  • Ask for suggestions, items the staff eat, not just the safe items that they recommend
  • Ask if they do a sample plate or if they will serve smaller portions. Let them know you want to try a number of different things. Chefs like people who want to try their food.

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