Call of the Wild at the Toronto Zoo

Two Arctic Wolves at the Toronto Zoo get vocal.

Two Arctic Wolves at the Toronto Zoo get vocal.

I love the Toronto Zoo. I have been a member there for almost 16 years and enjoy spending time wandering through the different exhibits.

One of the exhibits that always proved a challenge was the Canadian exhibit. It was located at the bottom of a very steep hill and off the beaten track. It didn’t flow into other exhibits and was often overlooked as being too much effort. I would assume that the Toronto Zoo also recognized the challenges as they have begun moving some of the animals up to more prominent positions in the zoo.

With the redesign of the Tundra Trek, the Artic Wolves have made their way up the hill and now have an excellent enclosure right in front of the polar bears. This area is best seen in during the winter, early spring and late fall. By the time summer arrives there is too much greenery to get a really good view of the wolves and they often hide in the shde. But if you listen you can hear them talking to each other.

On the day this video was taken the wolves were particularly active and definitely in the mood to talk.


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