Food Trucks Hit Toronto

I have always believed that good food comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. I love dining at a Michelin restaurant but I also enjoy dropping by the local diner for a great breakfast. Both can offer a great food experience – different experiences – but good none the less.

A new addition to my dining experience are food trucks. Not the typical chip trucks (trust me, I have nothing against lovely potatoes deep fried in oil) but inspired, quality food sold from a specialty truck by the side of the road. These trucks offer a wide range of gourmet and specialty foods, hand made while you wait – everything from gourmet grilled cheese, corn on the cob, burritos, lobster rolls, great deli, pulled pork, poutine, Italian, fish tacos and so much more.

For a list of existing Toronto food trucks and information about them check out Toronto Food Trucks.

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In Southern Ontario, food trucks are gathering a solid fan following.

Unfortunately, some of the cities have been slower to embrace them than others. Hamilton has become a haven while Toronto is only now slowly loosening the restrictions.

There is a great food truck app that can be uploaded to help you find your favourite truck or experience new ones in a variety of cities across North America.



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